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PET/CT Imaging of North Texas

2900 North I-35, Ste 119
Denton, TX  76201

940-349-9292 - Office
940-387-8002 - Fax

Michael D. Mooney, CNMT, PET
Technical Director
214-878-0303 - Cell


PET/CT Imaging of North Texas
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New Patient Form

For your convenience, we have made available the necessary patient form for you to fill out prior to your visit to our office. Please print and fill out as completely as possible. You may call us should you have any questions.

What To Expect

The following information will help you prepare for your appointment at the imaging facility.
***If you are a diabetic, please inform the office at the time your appointment is scheduled.***

Cancer Care -  North TexasThe scanner rooms can sometimes be cool, so we suggest that you wear warm comfortable clothing. You should avoid wearing jewelry or clothes with metal fasteners or zippers.

You will be given specific preparation instructions regarding food and drink, but generally you will be instructed not to eat or have any liquids, except water, for at least four to six hours before your scan. In addition, refrain from strenuous physical activity for 48 hours prior to your exam, such as working out, jogging, heavy lifting, etc.

Be prepared to stay at the imaging facility for approximately two hours. You will be asked to lie quietly for approximately 60 minutes before the scan, and to lie still for approximately 40 minutes while the scan is being performed.



Before arriving at the imaging facility you should carefully follow the patient preparation instructions. Correct preparation for your PET/CT study is very important.
***If you are a diabetic, please inform the office at the time your appointment is scheduled.***

Once at the imaging center, you will be asked to complete the necessary paperwork to begin the procedure. Be sure to bring your insurance cards with you to ensure accurate billing. It may also be helpful to bring a list of any medications you are currently taking.

You will receive an intravenous injection and then you will be asked to rest quietly for approximately 60 minutes. After this resting period you will empty your bladder and the technologist will escort you into the scanning room where you will lie down on the scanner table. It is important to be comfortable and lie as still as possible for approximately 40 minutes as the table passes slowly through the scanner acquiring several sets of images. A PET/CT scan is fast straight forward and painless.


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